mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

The eternal quest

The question is one: "What is the sense of living?"
Every religion in the world says his answer is the only one and true. But...another question is "what is the truth?".
I think human modern religions are unable to explain the big mistery of life.

Especially those monotheist violent religions as jews/christian/islam.
Their arrogance in being "the chosen by god" is something that closes minds.
I think we MUST open our minds because the question is too big to have just one little answer.

The point is: why are we so obsessed in looking for the sense of living, and waste our time in the research of ourselves? I think it has more sense to live a life following our dreams and helping each other to live better.
If it's true that life is only a travel...well...we must do it as comfortable as we can!

The sense of living is in every moment we live.
Every breathe we take is precious and we don't have to waste time and feelings.
The horizon is just a line...if we run to it, it remains there...but we discover so many things in our travel...

Let the horizon be a line, taste the world beside of it.